Sunday, September 10, 2017

u gotta run.

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u wake up every day and go to work and do ur job and eat ur brunch/lunch alone, or wit frens (it doesnt matter) and travel home and sit for early dinner and settle down for some idiotbox and call ur mum and do ur teeth, ur face and go back to bed on Monday and then before u knw it, it is months later and the routine hasn't changed much.

other than ur idiotbox choices of coz, becoz it the idiotbox remains the same and went on for the same shyte for seven months of the year i think they wld need to rename it somethg else, and dat wld all be a bit weird.

after all, u pay for it.

ur busy all of the time. even when ur not busy, fuck ur so busy - dats life these days. bcoz if ur not busy then u shld be and dat in itself can be somethg dat u can busy urself worryin about witno trouble at all. and dat is a hole of self-perpetuating hell dat u need to get out of, even if jst for a sec.

which is y i wld suggest datu run away. from everythg. everyone, for a lil while. even if only for a minute.

even if it is jst to the end of ur garden, beside ur home.

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