Sunday, August 6, 2017


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"and my God, i hope u wake up one day, in one sweet mornin to someone who loves u like ur the sunflower, and they r desperate to keep u alive. i hope u dance wit em in the small space of ur room, wit dat messy hair, and wit those tired eyes bcoz u both been up all nite watching movies again.

i hope u laugh out loud wit em in a way u never did wit anyone else, head tilted back and lips apart as u let out every sound of ur laugh can possibly make and i hope to God above, u wont try to cover ur mouth - coz it is beautiful dat way.

but then again, if u do - its ok - bcoz dats ok, i knw i sometimes do, i hope they will stop u.i hope they grab ur hand before it comes in contact wit ur lips and i hope they hold it to their chest as they watch u wit dat kinda lovin eyes.

bcoz fcuk, everyone knws u deserve it. 

and i hope u will find someone who'll accept u as u r. i hope they accept ur messy hair in the early morn of the day, and i hope they accept the way u sometimes talk too much and cant seem to stop u - when ur nervous, or how u still cry urself to sleep on some nites.

i hope they hold on and kiss u on the places where ur most insecure at and i hope to God u will let em. i hope u find someone who make u happy, even when u feel like sometimes - life is fcukin hard for u. and i hope dat when u both come across a tuff situation, and it comes down to a choice where u r one of em, i hope they choose u.

every Goddamn time, i hope they choose u.."

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