Thursday, July 20, 2017

the u.

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it is weird when u think u knew someone way better than u knw urself well. it is weird u hardly knw urself coz ur more interested to knw others and u hav no time to knw urself well.

or perhaps, someone knws the u dat goes to bed early bcoz u jst cant talk. u wanted to, but u jst cant. or u jst dun knw how. or the u dat doesnt stop talkin when they r excited.

i am sure someone knws dat u stays up late bcoz ur head is too fcukin busy, no matter wat u tell it to settle down. or u woke up in the mid of the nite, staring into the endless dark and emptiness coz of dat sthg, strugglin to get the hell outta ur skull. 

there must be many, who knw the u dat u wish other ppl tot u were. or how ppl wish they cld be u, but u urself refused to be one. and more dat knw the u, dat other ppl actually think u r. or how they adore u and u wish u cld shut em the fuck up and shoo em away.

and perhaps a few knw u - at least - knw the u dat u think u r.

but God sake - only i knw the u dats left - when the rest of u has gone away.

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