Sunday, September 11, 2016

walked off.

6 years, and it means a lot to u. but now, it leaves u wit dat numb kinda feelin and nthg else. u hav no regret, but u keep wishing it'd be worth a while. worth a fight. 

or perhaps, u lose track. now dat u dun knw wat ur fighting for. and u dun knw if it is worth shyte.

but then again - u learn a lot. good times, no doubt. it goes beyond everythg. jst dat u started to think dat ur too tired for the journey, and u need to jst stop. some path in life u better walk alone, tho u knw to hav someone beside u wld be wonderful.


Salam Eid'ul Adha in advance. jst in case i din get the chance in wishing u soon.


i decided to end my writing in here. dis is my last post. i din see myself writing shyte out anymore. i gez i had nthg left to share, i prefer to keep thgs to myself lately. i love doin dis, no doubt. but i jst cant see me doin it anymore. 

i shall put dis at rest. if i do come back, then i will. but if i am not, then be it.

u take care. 

love urself more then u love others. for if they leave u behind, u still hav the love wit u. and u'll be alrite. but if u giv em all out, u'll be left wit nthg. and to start all over again is kinda full of shyte u hav to struggle af.


gdnyte gais. i will leave dis for a lil while, before u wont be able to completely see any of the post, anymore.


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