Friday, August 19, 2016

lunch break.

done wit the first part of the Mesyuarat Perlaksanaan Prog. Dip. Lanjutan Kesihatan Mental, jst now. break for lunch and Jumaat. Dr Elen lantik aku jadi S/U and i hav to deal wit all the corrections and such over the discussions we had. and he kept mention my name again and again up to a point aku rasa tak selesa, since there's ramai yg senior, bosses and such. i was jst there as one of the committee and contributor.

and a plain kuli, as well.

perhaps aku pernah kerja dgn dia, we used to hav byk discussions over thgs under the sun, and aku adore the way he sees thgs, the way he thinks and such.

tak berbahasa bahasi, berpantun segala yg tak berfaedah. bodoh dan buang masa.

and thru out the meeting, aku giler tak tahan mengantuk. i went out for some breather for coupla times, basuh muka and pi Unit Penilaian dan Peperiksaan, catching up wit Kak Ton etc. but then again, i am glad i manage to concentrate well. perhaps all dis brain-storming, intellectual discussion and discourse r thgs yg aku minat - so it shldnt be much shyte for me. but then again - i cant wait to thumb-out and hit home to crash.


gais, jgn lupa Jumaat. ya?

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