Wednesday, August 17, 2016


and i ran, yesterday. tak jauh - 5km je. and it took me like 43min to get it done. bad timing, i knw. but its ok lah, rather than nthg at all. i jst wanna get sweat, and i jst need to run - tu je. it makes me feel better. and i sleep way better at nite, too.

i always wish i cld do better than jst the above. 'wish' is not a good thang, i knw. i gotta get it done, rather than jst 'wish'. lari sorg sebnrnya ada pro and ada con. u can run at ur own pace, nbdy cares pun. tp the motivation - dats the lacking. i wish i cld hav someone to run wit me, dat wld be good. or maybe, dat someone cld be me je lah kot, kan?

2 hrs class wit postbsc kejap lagik. and petang, Mr V combined all English classes for some activities at Dewan Sri Perdana, and he wanted me to be the Ketua Juri watever not. i wasnt keen, tp to think of kwn2, i gav him faces. icld go for PLA and do some clinical teaching instead. esk pun dah pack. Jumaat ada Mesyuarat Perlaksanaan Prog. Advanced Dip Lanjutan Kesihatan Mental plak, and i am one of the committee. 

gtg. see u around. i gotta class to run.

good day ahead, gais.

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