Tuesday, August 16, 2016


salam, selamat pg!

crashed way early last nite. by 8.45pm i was alrdy in bed, forcing myself to hav some rest. i popped down a half dose of Stilnox, and some painkillers for the headache. and before anythg at all, all dat i remember - alarm was screamin shyte out loud and it was alrdy 5am in the morn. woke up, mandi, solat, iron baju and kejap je dah 6.30am.

if u ask me if i ever had a good crash, think i'd say yes. but then again - ofkoz, u still hav the urge to stay bad under the duvet and spend the rest of the day doin nthg but in bed for urself. but life wld not be dat easy, eh? there r thgs u gotta do, and u gotta get em done well.

i am havin like 2hrs of teaching today to the juniors. and nthg more. i feel like goin off to Beruas, Parit and Pantai Remis for some clinical teaching.. tp tgk lah. driving alone is one thg, and driving off there lepas pukul 10am is another. haih.

kat ofc pun byk keje tak settle - soalan, memos, dis and dat. argkh. mls fikir.

anyway, life's like dat. it comes wit responsibilites, in everythg. and i knw i am goin to be just fine.

and so do u, kan?

hav a good day ahead, peeps.

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