Sunday, July 31, 2016


u were not put here in dis universe to impress others, to be better than others or to beat others at all costs. u were not put in here to compare urself to others and ur success is not dependent on someone else's failure.

u were not put in here at where ur at now to put others in their place - to teach em a lesson or lecture em about who they r. u can and shld help others but dun treat others like they r broken jst b'coz they r not who u think they shld be - u were not put here to fix others.

'fix urself and help others to fix em selves'.

u were not put in here to rise above others. u r unique but not special and dats not a bad thg b'coz it means all of us can achieve some kinda greatness.

u were not put in here to be against others.

u were put here, wit others.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Selamat Hari Ra-Ra!

26 Ramadhan.


last day working, before aku off for week raya leave. cant wait. the thg is - bagi aku raya neh tak de apa lah sgt - it is jst another day pun sebenarnya - tp the thrill of balik kg, get together dgn adik beradik, mak, it is somethg else sebenarnya.

tambahan plak cuti aku start trow, smpai Rabu (kalo raya Rabu lah). so like, i am having a few days in store to really berbuka puasa dgn kak ngah, abg cik, kak yang, Soleh and their whole fmly. damn. must be way meriah. so dis time around, aku raya kat Bagan Serai dulu before head to Kelantan on the second raya,

ofc dah start kosong. aku dtg keje by 7.15am pg tadi relaks je tak yah rebut2 parking segala. bersepah2 parking kat basement tu. and even now pun - tak ramai org kat ofc. Uma and Puan Maliga were like 'eh, y r u workin? u shld be on leave dah kan?'.. yeah rite. Mr Vinthai buat meeting at 3pm ptg ni, and i hav to attend dat meeting pun. huhu

Fina, Yus, Ain and the geng dok berlonggok kat tempat Fina bercerita apa tatau and once in a while they wld laughed out loud mcm org kerasukan. Yus told me dat they r planning to take time-off ptg neh. and Fina tried to make me, too. 'kitorg amek time-off ptg neh. nak balik kemas rumah' kinda thg. kemas rumah mak kau lah sgt. untunglah. jadah aku nak time-off ptg neh, aku meeting siak. argkh. jenuh aku cari Mr V mtk dia cpt kan je lah mesyuarat ke pagi neh, but he is not where to be found. huhuhu again.

and Hafiz kejap2 called. kejap2 called. ckp dia boring kat atas. ckp dia tatau nak watpe and literally kepala otak dia dah kat rumah and kampung. erm, since bila dia kepala otak dia ada je kat ofc time keje? well, dat is somethg new. hahaha.. he kept urging me to go up stairs so 'bley la sembang2, nok' kinda thg. bodoh lah. aku byk keje.

byk keje eh? jadah? basically keje aku dah siap, and i am jst cant wait to leave the building pun.

but i cant. meeting at 3. argkhh.


btw - sebelum aku lupa, Salam Eid ul' Fitr Mubarak gais. be safe. drive elok2. balik kg elok2, and make sure u come back in one piece, ya!

and yes - maaf zahir dan batin, too!