Thursday, June 16, 2016

we r all the same.

sometimes i wonder where all the love went
the way we treat one another
it jst doesnt make any sense
wat makes us think dat we can judge each other?
ur aint God. ur aint any good.
it drives me nuts
i feel like i'm bein smothered.

saying hateful thgs and thinking it's a joke
u knw i cld like em down, but i rather not.
coz no, i've had it.
and say no more.

we gotta consider seein ppl for wat they r really worth
so instead of makin em hate themselves -
and wanting to escape dis life, and world
realize - thgs u say do hurt
and stop killing wit ur fuckin words.

we r all got blood running thru our veins
and in the end we r all the same
u. and me. everybdy.
we r souls. our bodies in the grave,

so why put each other thru even more pain?
we r only human, for fuck sake.

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