Thursday, June 16, 2016

u deserve.

u deserve spontaneous road trips - where u walk and talk for hours, and u dun even remember wat it was about. but darn u knw it was the best conversation ever.

u dun deserve someone who makes u driving and travelling for hours, taxing ur time - jst to see em. its about meeting the other person half way. the effort - as it is. and if u get half way and the person isnt there - instead of walking the same distance to meet em, u'll be doin urself a favor - if u turn around.

u deserve never spending ur birthday alone and not having to wish for anythg b'coz the reality in which dis person has created - is greater than any fairy tale.

u deserve ur favorite candy, u can eat guiltlessly. u deserve ur life, a live it well. 

not someone who makes u feel bad for it.

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