Wednesday, June 22, 2016

there r days.

i am sure - there r days goin to be days when u wont hav the energy or drive to get the hell out of the bed. there r goin to be days when ur goin to want to giv shyte up - giv up on everyhtg - love, life, work, school, ppl and so much more. 

the thg is - ur not alowed to giv up. u were given a life, and ur supposed to fuckin live it well - no matter how hard, and how bad it can be. the truth is the seventy or perhaps, eighty years dat ur given is not long enuf to do thgs ur supposed to do.

sure - ur gonna hit a few bumps along the way, u'll stumble and fall, but u've gotta pick ur fuckin self up and move on. i mean - u gotta move on. life is unpredictable and thgs might not always work out the way u want em to - but theres no reason to giv up.

we r all here for a reason, and someday - when ur least expecting it - ur goin to discover ur reason for bein around in here. and when dat does happen - ur life will never be the same again.


u hav a good day ahead, ppl.

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