Sunday, June 26, 2016

life is..

dis life is wat u make it. no matter wat, ur goin to mess the fuck out of it sometimes - its a universal truth. but the good part of it - u get to decide how ur goin to mess it up. ppl will always wanna be ur frens - they'll act like it anyway. but remember - some come, some go. and the ones dat stay wit u thru everythg - they r ur true best frens.

dun let em go.

also remember - brothers and sisters they make the best frens in the world, too. as for lovers - well they come and go too. and hun, i hate to say it - most of em, actually pretty much all of em; r goin to break ur heart. but u cant giv up b'coz if u do, u'll never find ur soul mate. u will never find dat half who makes u whole and dat goes for everythg.

jst b'coz u fail once doesnt mean ur gonna fail at everythg.

keep tryin u numbskull. hold on, and always always believe in urself - b'coz if u dun, then who the fuck will, honey? so keep ur head high, keep ur chin up and most importantly - keep smiling. 

b'coz remember - life is a beautiful thang and theres so much to smile about God sake.

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