Tuesday, June 21, 2016

i wish.

i wish dat i had
never met u

then there wld be no need to impress u
no need to want u
no need for loving u
no need for cryin over u
no need for heartbreaks
no need for pain or tears
no need to spend precious time on u
no need to fuckin cry thinkin of u
no need for acting like u care
no need, for everythg u've done
to fuckin make me feel like absolutely nthg.

but then again
i'm glad i did meet u
coz u were the one who always asked me
if anythg wrong
u were the one who loved me
for me
the one who cared when everyone else
- didnt
the one who listened
the one who stayed up late
jst to talk about
the randomest shyte ever
u were the one who i told secrets to
and u were the one
who kept tellin me "u'll be ok"
tho i wasnt sure if u knew
the shyte u were sayin
the one who laughed at my bad jokes
and the one who did thgs
- jst for me

and i mean it.

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