Sunday, June 26, 2016

life is..

dis life is wat u make it. no matter wat, ur goin to mess the fuck out of it sometimes - its a universal truth. but the good part of it - u get to decide how ur goin to mess it up. ppl will always wanna be ur frens - they'll act like it anyway. but remember - some come, some go. and the ones dat stay wit u thru everythg - they r ur true best frens.

dun let em go.

also remember - brothers and sisters they make the best frens in the world, too. as for lovers - well they come and go too. and hun, i hate to say it - most of em, actually pretty much all of em; r goin to break ur heart. but u cant giv up b'coz if u do, u'll never find ur soul mate. u will never find dat half who makes u whole and dat goes for everythg.

jst b'coz u fail once doesnt mean ur gonna fail at everythg.

keep tryin u numbskull. hold on, and always always believe in urself - b'coz if u dun, then who the fuck will, honey? so keep ur head high, keep ur chin up and most importantly - keep smiling. 

b'coz remember - life is a beautiful thang and theres so much to smile about God sake.

Friday, June 24, 2016

jst dun.

dun allow ppl wit no purpose to distract u away from urs. some ppl jst dun deserve the opportunity to faze u or the power to make u mad. u will get it wrong at times - so expect to be judged, expect to be doubted, expect to be talked about - but do understand dat ur mission is greater than ur mistakes.

dun waste valuable time trying to prove urself to pointless ppl. accept where u've been, understand where u r and focus on where ur goin.

Let Allah handle the rest.


i'm taking a time-off, heading home.
i dun feel like working pun.

hav a good TGIF, fellas.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

there r days.

i am sure - there r days goin to be days when u wont hav the energy or drive to get the hell out of the bed. there r goin to be days when ur goin to want to giv shyte up - giv up on everyhtg - love, life, work, school, ppl and so much more. 

the thg is - ur not alowed to giv up. u were given a life, and ur supposed to fuckin live it well - no matter how hard, and how bad it can be. the truth is the seventy or perhaps, eighty years dat ur given is not long enuf to do thgs ur supposed to do.

sure - ur gonna hit a few bumps along the way, u'll stumble and fall, but u've gotta pick ur fuckin self up and move on. i mean - u gotta move on. life is unpredictable and thgs might not always work out the way u want em to - but theres no reason to giv up.

we r all here for a reason, and someday - when ur least expecting it - ur goin to discover ur reason for bein around in here. and when dat does happen - ur life will never be the same again.


u hav a good day ahead, ppl.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

i wish.

i wish dat i had
never met u

then there wld be no need to impress u
no need to want u
no need for loving u
no need for cryin over u
no need for heartbreaks
no need for pain or tears
no need to spend precious time on u
no need to fuckin cry thinkin of u
no need for acting like u care
no need, for everythg u've done
to fuckin make me feel like absolutely nthg.

but then again
i'm glad i did meet u
coz u were the one who always asked me
if anythg wrong
u were the one who loved me
for me
the one who cared when everyone else
- didnt
the one who listened
the one who stayed up late
jst to talk about
the randomest shyte ever
u were the one who i told secrets to
and u were the one
who kept tellin me "u'll be ok"
tho i wasnt sure if u knew
the shyte u were sayin
the one who laughed at my bad jokes
and the one who did thgs
- jst for me

and i mean it.


they say
whenever u find urself
doubting how far
u can go -
jst remember
how far u hav come.

remember everythg
u hav faced
all the battles
u hav won
and all the fears
u hav overcome.

Friday, June 17, 2016

i hope.

i hope u find someone dat loves u when u wake up in the mornin. and i hope dat person stops u from runnin to the bathroom to fix urself before they can even get a peek at u. i hope they tell u how beautiful ur. not jst in the way u look - but in the way u hold their hands and laugh at their jokes.

i hope u find someone who send u msges when they dun knw whether to got a coffee or tea at ur breakfast. and i hope dat person shares their cookies wit u when they only hav one left in the jar. i hope u buy pizza when ur havin a creepy day and listen to ur complain about works and bosses at work. 

and i hope dat person holds u like one wld hold an antique vase.

i hope they find u in everyone else they meet. i hope u find someone dat will giv u the wings to soar and i hope the person decides to fly wit u. i hope u find someone dat really deserves u as much as u deserve em. 

i hope u find dat person.


it's been awhile since words hav found me
the time between - u'll come and go
i'd grown to love the stars and sun around me
i've been a stranger to my woe

it's been so long since there was silence
- all around me, ur voice had rung
like a bird who sings, to greet the morning
to tell u dat the day has come

it's been some time since i've felt lonely
like a book dat is - no longer read
the darkness lingers on, w/o u
it fills my empty heart wit hatred
wit dread

it seems an age ago - since u hav left me
time has filled me, wit words unsaid
as the sadness seeps into me slowly
and i am left to face the nite ahead.


Thursday, June 16, 2016

u deserve.

u deserve spontaneous road trips - where u walk and talk for hours, and u dun even remember wat it was about. but darn u knw it was the best conversation ever.

u dun deserve someone who makes u driving and travelling for hours, taxing ur time - jst to see em. its about meeting the other person half way. the effort - as it is. and if u get half way and the person isnt there - instead of walking the same distance to meet em, u'll be doin urself a favor - if u turn around.

u deserve never spending ur birthday alone and not having to wish for anythg b'coz the reality in which dis person has created - is greater than any fairy tale.

u deserve ur favorite candy, u can eat guiltlessly. u deserve ur life, a live it well. 

not someone who makes u feel bad for it.

we r all the same.

sometimes i wonder where all the love went
the way we treat one another
it jst doesnt make any sense
wat makes us think dat we can judge each other?
ur aint God. ur aint any good.
it drives me nuts
i feel like i'm bein smothered.

saying hateful thgs and thinking it's a joke
u knw i cld like em down, but i rather not.
coz no, i've had it.
and say no more.

we gotta consider seein ppl for wat they r really worth
so instead of makin em hate themselves -
and wanting to escape dis life, and world
realize - thgs u say do hurt
and stop killing wit ur fuckin words.

we r all got blood running thru our veins
and in the end we r all the same
u. and me. everybdy.
we r souls. our bodies in the grave,

so why put each other thru even more pain?
we r only human, for fuck sake.


goodbye, echo. i hope the world is way better to u than it was, to me. i hope the future will be brighter and it is, when it was, wit me. 

and i wish u well.

Monday, June 13, 2016

i miss u.

i am not saying i knw u better than anyone else.

i'm saying i knw better than anyone else wat it's like to miss u.
and i do miss u..