Thursday, April 21, 2016


hi there;

how ur doin? hope ur doin jst fine. me - i am good. never been better. been bz, i gez i choose to be dat way. i've been busy and i am not goin to complain about it. 

as u can see - it's been quite some time since i really do write. dis coupla years been tough for me - life, work. study and such. after all - they never been easy pun. i hav loads to tell, but i prefer to lay low dis time around. i started to lose the joy in sharing thgs i gez - i prefer to keep it to myself nowadays. better be dat way. i've sharing thgs tp ada plak yg ckp i am livin sucha pathetic live. hahahaha.. biarlah. kesian pun ada wit dis kinda ppl. but hey, u said i am writing crap - y ur reading dis? hahaha

its how u define urself, to define others sebenarnya. moga Allah tunjuk jln to u then. ha ha

and i am started losing joy workin in ere dah pun. the environment - so many factors keep urgin me sayin dat aku tak berkembang pun. static. status quo. i knw i am better than jst dis. perhaps i new i need some new thgs in life. new environment. new faces. new challenges in life.

wont be long. i knw.

u be good! cu gais.