Monday, January 18, 2016


had a good news dis morning - and i am glad. darn i am proud. i gez, who wldnt. 

yet at the same time, i gez i'll get back to the same ol'days. the questions ppl expecting to hav the answer, the obligation in providing some answers u knw u dun hav any. i knw i hav to answer to nobdy - but sometimes, u jst wish ppl wld think the way u think, and ppl wld understand wat kinda shyte ur goin thru.

when it come to dis all - i had no choice left - but to keep thgs to myself. i knw if open up my mouth and share dis - it ended up it become worst and it is not helping at all. all i need is someone to jst listen and giv me sort of nice, pamper words - no, u dun hav to settle thgs for me for i knw it is leading to nowhere.

but to answer me in return and put ur shyte on me - while all i wanna do is to share my problems - i'd rather seal my mouth and suffer alone.

 i gez all dat i can do is 'berlapang dada'. bersyukur dgn apa yg ada, and enjoy wat's in for me. i am sure there r a lot of ppl out there wit no luck like me, or even worst. i jst hav to be grateful and never, ever comparing myself wit others.

but sometimes - words r easily said, rather be done.


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