Friday, January 8, 2016

Puan Mages.

semlm last day Puan Mages. last year Mr Anwar left us, and now - Puan Mages. basically area tempat aku, Yus tu dah kosong. Amer also not in. Mr Liang dah lama blah balik kampung. Kak Anne attachment for a year - bulan Sept dis year baru balik. hurmm..

i dun really knw her, yet aku get the chance working wit her for about 4 years nice. she's a typical conventional Indian lady, yet very motherly and full of advises. she'd go like 'Shah, never do dis bla bla bla..' and 'Shah, u shld bla bla bla..' and she really can go wit dat - for hours. hahaha.. darn i am gonna miss dat, for sure.

but then she looks so happy semlm. she said, she had a mixed feeling of coz of leavin all her frens behind - yet she jst cant wait. ye lah, jeles plak aku tgk. tak pe lah - i wished her all the very best then. may all the days wld bring her all the very best in life for her - kesihatan tubuh badan, fizikal dan mental inshaa Allah. gdluck Puan Mages!!


woke up by 3am - mengadap lappy wit so many thgs in the head. proposal baru half-way, dah nak muntah najis rasanya. fcuk i jst cant wait to get dis over. huwaaaa.. few months je to go then,

and yes, another 3 wks to go, eh? wish list? hahaha like anybdy wld care. nvm then.

gtg. dah azan Subuh. and gtg downstairs and get myself fix wit a simple breakie. nak join?

hav a pleasant-TGIF, gais!

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