Tuesday, January 12, 2016


salam. selamat pg. it's alrdy 7.50am - and i am alrdy in the ofc.

not it is not early - i usually here in the ofc way earlier. the jam is bad. the ppl on the road causing the jam r way worst. and i gez i jst hav to bear wit it la kot. i knw u've been listening to the same shyte again and again - from me. eh, kalo tak nak trap in the jam - ko jalan kaki lah. mcm tu. 


eh, i dun mean to jadi negatif pun. hahahaha.. it was jst sthg dat i hav to face every morning. ni baru an ulu part of Ipoh. blum the Ipoh itself. and leave alone to compare it dgn KL. hahaha.. and aku dah berjela2 merungut, eh? erm, not good. not good.

teaching hours start to pour in. kinda penat jugak nak schedule semua benda in one time. jadual travel tgk students, meetings, courses, teachings et al. tp biasa dah - awal2 neh bley swing swing balls.


sorry - i rushed to the class jst now. tak perasan kelas at 9am - was thinking it is goin to be at 11am je.. hahahaha.. rupanya 9 to 10, 11 to 1. haih. anyway - i am done wit the 1st hour on Neurosis - Anxiety d/o, Psychosexual d/o and Personality d/o. kinda huge, broad topics - cramped into 3hrs. huhu.. but it is ok - been used to it. long as i can giv em the clear pic about the whole shyte, giv em loads of examples - and let em ask more q's - i think it is goin to be good enuf.

break time. nak kuar mkn yet malas. baham pe yg ada je. thank God since pg tadi aku dah tapau kueh sket. and Yus - erm, Yus skang dah kena demam Diwale. seriously aku tak faham. maybe aku belum tgk. maybe aku tak akan tgk pun. maybe it's not my genre, at all. so bila time2 mcm ni - Fina, Yus dok lepak having a break and bukak Diwale - aku rasa nak sawan. hahahaha..

apa yg best sgt dgn Diwale neh eh? blergkh.

aku remember Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham (abaikan spelling - aku tau salah, and aku dun giv a fcuk.. haha). the 'fever' ppl had wit these two movies. aku tak tgk pun, serious. tp ada jgk tgk sket2 since they played on the idiotbox. and aku remember gelak my arse off since mak and kak ngah nanges mcm nak rak watching these two movies. and i had a good laugh - wit Haziq ofkoz. but then again - Diwale may not be my thang, but i respect u if ur fallen for it anyway.

no. i wont laugh. ur thang might not be my thang. and my thang shldnt be ur thang. who knows, dok dgr Yus pasang lagu Janam Janam Janam jadah semua like everyday, tetiber aku plak yg over. caneh? hahahaha

ok lah. nak pi pantry. need a coffee for a break. 

hav a good day ahead, ppl!

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