Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

it's 1st January 2016! assalamualaikum, selamat pagi.

it's been a while since aku last write thgs in here. been bz - wit work, study. i've done wit my internship, for the whole semester! it was tiring Subhanallah. taking Masters never been dis difficult. sigh. and yes - at the same time i was struggling wit the work - the core. as u might knw by now - kontrak aku as SUP will last until 2017, dat is next year. so the mean time - i need to work shyte out way worst than anyone else kat ofis sana. i wld be smiling around as the semester bukak, tp by March rite til end of semester - i'll be in deep shyte since mid-sem exam and final sem r like so close to one another,

owh, i've been seeing ppl r makin a reflection, throwback et al on their 2015. cliche enuff. i saw a blogger fren of mine describing about his 2015 - one by one - like, aiyo.. u really wanna share those thgs, aye? me? tak la kot.

2015 - aku makin gemuk. dok timbang timbang tak turun2 jugak berat bdn aku. jgn fikir pasal BMI lah ye. mmg dah out. rasa nak giv up pun ada. ko lari mcm kena kejar anjing tiap ari, peluh berjeruk mcm baru naik kolam ikan, tunggang langgang kat gym - tp still the same. ye lah. perhaps mkn aku tak terkawal. 

well, aku did kawal as much as i can do. kira kalori mcm ko lbey bagus dr dietitian. tp still. blergkh. aku came to a point bila stdnts kept panggil aku 'Sir sado' and aku feel like nak penampar sesekor - since 'ko perli aku eh?' kinda thang,

argkh stress.

i mean - aku bukan lah nak slim mcm all the drug-addicts. or mcm super-model. aku jst wanna hav some good shape and the confidence - so when aku put on anythg on to work ke, apa ke - i'd feel good. tak payah nak risau 'alaaaa.. dis tak bley pakai', 'alaaaa.. b*bi la i'd look like nangka' etc. sigh.

2016 - aku jst nak stay healthy. aku need to lose some weights. bkn need, tp i hav to. mesti. i'd go running again, since aku dah daftar for few running events Inshaa Allah, starting wit Parit Buntar Kampung Run on Feb. i want to be better in person - jaga solat especially. and aku nak finish up the study ASAP - so aku can start doin sthg else plak after dis.

and aku nak mula balik updating dis blog, as much as i can. there r so many thgs in me i need to lay em all out, tp i cldnt help wit one thang - procrastination. 

btw - Happy New Year, peeps. it's gonna be hell tough year ahead i knw. but hey, dats wat life is. i mean - dat's the way life is pun. kan?

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