Wednesday, January 13, 2016

gd morning!

"it's the now dat matters", as someone told me. not trow. not yesterday.

so remember - today, u can make a difference. u've done it so many times before and u can do it again. today is full of posite possibilities for u to weigh it down wit excuses (of coz), or hesitation, or doubt - as usual. but then again - u knw wat will push ur life forward today - so jst go ahead and ge on wit it. 

taking actions can be difficult. uncomfortable. risky and complicated. but none of those thgs r as painful as the regret u'll hav to live wit if u fail to make the most of dis day. in all of time, in all the universe, there is not - never has been and never will be another person jst like u. darn ur rite here, rite now to add sthg unique to life - sthg only u can do - so, jst do it dammit.

let urself feel the sense of purpose dat rises from ur core. fulfill dat purpose by gettin urself up, gettin out there, and gettin urself in motion. dis is a beautiful, unique day - and u can make it even more so. 

act on possibilities, and enjoy the experience of the new luxurious flowing out from ur action!

hav a good Wet-nesday, gais!

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