Friday, January 1, 2016

Haziq, yaw!

'adik ada fresh oren.. ko hado?'

owh. btw - my Haziq is in the house. dgn my mum. sedari pagi tadi aku dok melayan dia. bwk dia pi beli breakfast, since gedik2 nak ikut. and plus - he requested to pusing taman for a lil while. and dats wat i did. balik - since it was way still early, i decided to take a nap for a while. 

and gez wat? u think i can do dat? wit him around?

no. i cant. he kept knocking the door and asked me 'pak long.. pak long watpe..', 'pak long, adik bosan ni..', 'pak long, tak elok tdo peh Subuh' etc. argkh. tension big time. imagine - public holiday, one quite morning, and i shld be getting enuff of my beauty sleep. 

and even now - he's done wit the mandi and siap2 nak pi Jumaat, and is like 'pak long, pi mandi cpt.. nanti masjid penuh'. 


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