Friday, November 13, 2015


alhamdulillah - for today, apart of my scariest moment; i managed to go thru it well. it was my final, last supervision by the prof for my internship. i was damn bldy bz wit thgs, stdnts bz dgn exam, others wit markings, papers etc - he he insisted for a last observation. i was stuck in between - between works and all those unsettled biz.

and i started waking up at 3 in the morn., burnin the midnite oil, trying to finish up thgs. but seriously - i wasnt easy as u might think it is. aku dah study merata2, but dis - dis is the toughest. ppl said 'alah, senang je..' but i found out wat i am doin now is toughest shyte. i am glad i am about to at the end of the road - but then still; so many thgs to be done. had to submit the full report by 9/12, presentation kes analisis on 9/12. and dis time around - they make us a colloquium to present our findings. 

best kan? bapak ko best.

seriously i jst wanna get rid of dis. grab wat i shld be havin at the end of the day, and stay no more. and after dat - plan some other thang. aku tau, i've been saying dis time study dulu2 jugak.. tp by the time ko dah grad - ko rasa kosong, ko tak tau nak buat apa, and ko rasa ko wasting so much time on doin nthg and suddenly the urge to smbg study sets in.. and there u go - same ol'shyte. and same cycle. 

stress? yes. fun? yes. i had fun when i am in stress. period.

btw - marking still in progress. papers dah abes - ari ni last Sem 3 MAEM, paper emergency med. and starting today, i shld be focusing on thgs as preparation for tabulation real soon. another same ol'shyte. complaining? no. tiring? perhaps. but then again - i thank God for havin a good assistant - Fitri, around. he helps a lot. a real loads, seriously. i knw one day, dis jawatan i am havin now will go to him definitely. and i hav no objection, yes.

and yes - esok lusa aku keje, again. wldnt dat fun?

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