Thursday, November 5, 2015

back again!


been quite some time since aku last write anythg in ere. and it's been a lot too, thgs happened yet aku tak sempat (or to make it simple - aku malas) nak share thgs in ere. high time now - stdnts tgh exam final sem now. dah day 4 teori, last day osce pun. esok start marking. we'll be having Mr Azhar back in here again - as the Ketua Pemeriksa. since Mr Cheah no longer coming in here.

i've been runnin around as well. and most of the running event has been cancelled. BSN Putrajaya Nite Run cancelled. SCKLM - everybdy knew it well - cancelled. last Saturday nite; PUMA Nite Run - aku dah ran for about 8km, and been called off - since bukan sebab haze, tp thunderstorm. giler lencun. but it was fun. 

and scary as well - kilat mcm nak mamps,

and aku nyer intership dah nak abes. reports, analisa kes, presentation case etc - all in one, ujung bulan ni and awal bulan depan. tabulasi exam, kenduri Soleh - pun at the same time. seriously aku pening.

byk nyer report aku nak buat - rasa nak muntah darah.


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