Wednesday, November 25, 2015

as it is.

i am proud of who i am - how i ended bein the person i am today. i think i've been thru thick and thin, thru shyte and so many good and bad as well - as for me. but i cant deny the fact dat sometimes i wish i am living in someone else's life. someone luckier. i wish i can see wat others see in me. i wanna believe in all the compliments dat i received and actually reflect on it and be grateful for everythg dat i hav now.

darn, i am grateful. but i am not grateful enuff to the point where i feel complete. and i've been praying for dat feelin since forever - to feel as if dat everythg i hav now, is enuff for me.

"stop comparing where ur at wit where everyone else is. it doesnt move u farther ahead, improve ur situation, or help u find peace. it jst feeds ur shame, fuels ur feelings of inadequacy; and ultimately - it keeps u stuck. the reality is dat there is no one correct path in life. everyone has their own unique journey. a path dat's right for someone else wont necessarily be a path dat's right for u. and dat is okay. ur journey is not right or wrong, or good or bad. it is jst different. ur life is not meant to look like anyone else's b'coz ur not like anyone else.

ur a person all ur own wit a unique set of goals, obstacles, dreams and needs. so stop comparing, and start living. u may not hav ended up where u intended to go. but trust - for once, dat u hav ended up where u needed to be. and trust, dat ur in the right place at the right time. trust, dat ur life is enuff. and trust, dat ur enuff.."

- Daniel Koepke.

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