Sunday, November 15, 2015


i wanna talk about assumption. assume. ass-u-me. things dat u and me do - everyday. samada ko tau or idak. or ko tau, tp ko buat jugak. or perhaps, time ko hilang kesedaran diri, thus ko ber-assumption.

assumptions r deadly. as deadly as the Swine Flu. or Gila Babi. perhaps gila babi wont cause dead, but then it harms u. or Cancer. or watever. seein all the thgs dat assumptions can do will most certainly spoil ur mood for another day.

gf ko lambat bls msg - f*ck, mesti dia melacur dgn org lain neh.. WhatsApp last seen jst now, ko perati je - tp haram dia nak bls msg ko - gampang, ko ada skandal lain eh? msg aku ko tak bals!! kawan2 ko sebelah sana ngilai gelak sambil tgk2 ko - nikhirrrimmm.. ngumpat aku le tu!

tu baru je a few yg usual example. let us see some others. 

  1. a gal walk into the hotel her bf is staying in. natural assumption - mak aii.. jalang doe. nak main le tu! actual fact - goin for a lovely dinner at the hotel's cafe.
  2. kid holding an empty cigarette box. natural assumption - perkh. habis sekotok rokok? mak bapak ko ajar ye? actual fact - picking up litter from the floor.
  3. lady with a bigger than usual stomach. natural assumption - eh, ko ngandung pulak ke? brp bulan dah? actual fact - she's just fat. hahahaha
  4. a group of teens partying. natural assumption - surely will party until siao siao one! alcohol, drugs, sex.. actual fact - farewell party je pun.
  5. man finds best fren at his home, dok bersembang dgn wifey. natural assumption - tipu suami. jalang. adulterer. infidel! actual fact - member dtg rumah nak anta kad anak kawen.. dpn rumah je pun.

there is a reason they call it ASSumption. assumption is indeed the mother of all screw-ups!

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