Saturday, October 17, 2015


i wanna write sthg, but those sthg din turn up rite. so mght as well i share some pics - a lil #throwback katanyer. wit the boys on their Malam Kesenian dan Kebudayaan K36, on last week. or was it like 2 weeks back? hurmm.. cant really remember. i think it was a week back,

wit Al Muzil, he shared the above pics wit me. "sbg kenang-kenangan" katanyer.. and The Lelaki K36 - they won best dance step - simple but entertaining Penguin Steps et al. 


Saturday. qiam by 4am, Subuuh kat Surau Al Hidayah kolej and came back after the breakfast around 7.30am. masuk rumah - terus mengantuk. kelas UPSI was called off at the very last minute, and seriously - i cldnt careless. dah semester last neh aku dah mcm hilang momentum.. i jst wanna get thgs done and get rid of all these.

think i shld smbg tdo. cuaca mendung je - rugi kot kalo tak rehat sehabis habisan.

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