Saturday, October 17, 2015


i wanna write sthg, but those sthg din turn up rite. so mght as well i share some pics - a lil #throwback katanyer. wit the boys on their Malam Kesenian dan Kebudayaan K36, on last week. or was it like 2 weeks back? hurmm.. cant really remember. i think it was a week back,

wit Al Muzil, he shared the above pics wit me. "sbg kenang-kenangan" katanyer.. and The Lelaki K36 - they won best dance step - simple but entertaining Penguin Steps et al. 


Saturday. qiam by 4am, Subuuh kat Surau Al Hidayah kolej and came back after the breakfast around 7.30am. masuk rumah - terus mengantuk. kelas UPSI was called off at the very last minute, and seriously - i cldnt careless. dah semester last neh aku dah mcm hilang momentum.. i jst wanna get thgs done and get rid of all these.

think i shld smbg tdo. cuaca mendung je - rugi kot kalo tak rehat sehabis habisan.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


my latest add-on to the running playlist
Martin Garrix ft Usher (ofkoz).

as time goes by.

as the time goes by, u realize u can never properly love even one thg, let alone everythg. u realize u cant be perfect urself, even tho u want everyone around u to be darn perfect for u.

dats y u get a lil sadder, as u get older. but yet, a lil wiser.

u fall in love a lil every day wit somethg new - and so ur heart breaks a lil every day. yet, ur fine wit it. coz ur getting stronger. and stronger.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


last posting was 30th Sept. and today day 8 Oct. erm, dah seminggu lbey tu kan?

seriously aku tak tau nak tulis apa. so many thgs happened SCKLM2015 goes into the drain. and so wit the one dis weekend. p'pone to some other date yg aku cldnt careless. jst dat aku hope my BSN Putrajaya Nite Run wldnt face the same shyte.

i gez dats the way it is lah. thgs u can change. and thgs u cant.

gotta run. class now. u take care.