Wednesday, September 30, 2015

where else?

2nd days in here, trow i shall be leaving back since thgs r about to finish wit all the modules things.they will kick dis Adv. Dip of Mental Health by next year in March insha Allah - and i'll be involve in TOT by end of the year. i seriously wanted to get dis done - once for all, i've been hooked on dis for years now, and i am literally tired. 

and travelling up here, dealing wit the same shyte and all the rest - is like a never ending thg for me. i jst wanna stay put and do my thgs well. they've listed my name as one of those to run the whole thang, and i am glad of dat alhamdulillah.

for the past 2 nites, i've been spending time doin my own thgs, reports and some thinking - life, work, and so-called running in the same circle thang - ur getting tired mentally, physically. 

and i'll change - for thgs change. ppl change. 

darn i wont standing still.

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