Thursday, September 3, 2015

new ground.

last day in here. by trow afternoon, aku and Shidi will leave for Ipoh and shall cont wit life as usual - in and out of the ofc mcm selalu. and after dis, life will be on the fast track as usual - mid-sem dah nak start and by the time the mid-term is over, final will sets in w'in coupla weeks. and aku - as usual akan tunggang langgang - now wit the internship, concurrently as well.

aku in a bit of stress lately. at least dat is wat i can say. work, study, life - so many thgs all in, in one time. and as usual - any smallest, unnecessary benda yg tambah serabut kepala aku - i'll react hell and regret after dat. but not all - few r better dat way - i jumped, and i dun mind stayin dat way.

btw - i learnt a lot w'in these 2 days dlm kursus. terms in keje aku officially and such. and being in Penang tp tak pi mana2 pun (except Line Clear nasik kandar - tu pun Shidi yg beriya ajak), aku feel kinda waste. tp nak kuar, and aku sorang - darn i'd prefer stay in. dat is was i did for the past 2 days. stayin in the room and get an enough sleep. 

chance like dis is hard to come. once i do hav - better of aku tdo puas2.


i wanted to write more. about my feeling, my thoughts. but i started to think it is not worth of doing so - u write, and u jdge. u judge and jump into conclusions. and the end of the day, it is my who'd get the blame, and it is me yg salah and tak betul. 

and i starting to write somewhere else, too now. jst exactly the way when i started writing in dis blog - stayin anonymously unknown where i can write all shyte and vent out everythg in my head/heart - and i dun care if anyone'd read it, for they din knw me and i write at ease.

i find it to be even better, free and i find sort of liberation in it. one day - when i'd get comfortable there, i mght be switching completely, and put dis blog into an end. who knws?

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