Sunday, September 13, 2015


had a good day today. basically it was all in, i was staying put thru out the day. cancelled my routine up to Kledang like the other Sundays, aku went to the gym instead. came back - basuh all the kereta, scoot and did some gardening. and i cook for lunch as well. a simple one, dat is.

managed to get rid settle some of the internship reports (i still had a lot in store) and i did some reading. there r a few book on the rack i bought few months back yet to touch pun - and i came up wit some 'resolution' to read all of em - at least a book for a month. i had a nap. a good one. woke up at 5pm, i did some cooking again - a plain Maggi goreng wit telur mata, and bilis pedas. darn i feel fat.

Maghrib and i got myself prepared for trow. esok Isnin, stdnts akan start sit for their Peperiksaan Pertengahan Semester - which means, cycle of busy-ness for me will start again. 

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i gez i need to occupied myself then.

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