Friday, August 7, 2015

its Fry-Day.

last day in the office. by Sunday, i am leaving off for Alor Star. for a week. dat is 9 till 14/8. when i am back in Ipoh on dat 14/8, i need to un-pack and re-pack since i am leaving (again) for Johor Bahru 16 till 21/8. sigh. 

the fact is - it is kinda nice to away from the office for a lil while. but dis is like too much - lama kot 2 minggu. and dis internship thang is killing me.

owh, btw - i am 'Kaunselor Pelatih' now. doing my internship of hundreds of hrs to be cleared off by November. supposedly. now dat i am away from the office for the whole 2 weeks (and since my supervisor knew about it alrdy), it looks like aku kena extend another 2 weeks lah. alarrr.. malas nyer. u knw i cant say knw to the HQ, dis is my core. so - i need to choose. 

shyte, it is.

dah 3pm. aku ada appointment wit a stdnt nak jumpak aku for sort of Individual Counseling. cewah.

see u.

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