Thursday, August 6, 2015

Happy Birthday, mak!


Selamat Ulang Tahun Kelahiran, mak. i've called u alrite dis early in the morn. (w'pun the third since Soleh and kak ngah awal2 lagi dah wish mak so), tp tak pe. tinggal kak yang and abg cik. along sure they do remember - and they will definitely call u soon.

tho i am done wit the call and wishing and such - still i feel like to write sthg about u. last Tuesday, along glad i was given some ample time and able to spend some time wit u - drove u up to Taiping and pi melawat makcik kat wad. u looked gloomy. and sad. ur different from the rest of the days dat i knew u. kak ngah, abg cik, kak yang and Soleh kept texting me asking if u were doin ok, since ur worried much. u din talk much pun, and i knw u need time. and space.

along tau - mak sedih. mak sedih dgn sikap adik beradik mak. and risau of wat and how it is goin to be. mak finally givin in - since mak tak tahan rindu kan pak long and mak cik - so last Monday mak mintak kak ngah anta mak balik Taiping to see ur only left brother and sister. u found makcik terlantar sakit kat rumah, wit nbdy around. mak mintak tlg pak long called the ambulance and such - apparently pak long pun tak tau mak cik sakit kat rmh. how cld dat be? sigh. dat was sthg yg anak2 mak malas dah nak fikir.. makcik was admitted on the same day, diagnosed as Perforated Gastric Ulcer. thank God mak dtg on dat day, at least the perforation was on the early stage, blum sempat develop peritonitis and such. and makcik was sent into the OT at the same nite for urgent laparotomy. and now makcik was pretty much OK, dat transferred out dr ICU to Surgical Ward biasa dah pun.

so i spent the whole Tuesday, teman mak tgk kan makcik. smpai ke ptg. sent u back to Bagan Serai, and i went off to Ipoh after maghrib.

tak pe lah. makcik dah makin sihat. makcik pun ada anak sendiri nak tgk2 dia.. w'pun semua org tau makcik's fmly pun full of discord, but then again dat is sthg yg luar dr kawalan kita. 


as ur eldest son - along can promise u dis. along akan make sure adik2 along, anak2 mak semua akan bound together. there wld be nthg come in between of us, nthg at all InsyaAllah. along akan make sure semua apa yg mak abah didik and nurture us dr kecil, akan jadi teras dlm hidup kami msg2. biar la apa pun fmly sebelah mak, sebelah abah ckp - we hav our own ways in dealing wit thgs. and dat ways jgk la yg make us adik bradik, anak2 mak so close together. kalo dulu dorg ckp mcm2 pasal kita, let them now see us dgn rasa bersalah, jealousy and such. 

along bersyukur dilahirkan beremak dan berabahkan mak abah.

mak - along doakan mak agar mak pjg umur, sihat tubuh badan, fizikal dan mental, selamat dunia akhirat. along doakan agar mak dikurniakan kesihatan supaya mak dpt terus beribadat dan supaya kami adik bradik berpeluang balas jasa budi baik mak membesarkan kami - yg definitely tak terbalas. and along akan make sure - w'pun maybe thgs wont be as good ad while abah was around -  but mark my words; along will make sure mak happy dan sentiasa lapang dada, selagi mak around. at least dat is wat i can do. 

now dat abah dah tak de, mak je tmpat kami menumpang kasih. ur truly our Queen of heart.

along sayang mak.

Happy 59th Birthday, mak!

ur son;


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