Thursday, August 27, 2015


i am home. alhamdulillah - sebelum Maghrib today. i was driving off from the ofc the tot of to go or not to go to the gym - and i ended up at one. not many ppl. ample space. and way better than any days. perhaps i jst need to clear my conscience - last2 aku ber-cardio je. runnin on the treadmill - where by initially, aku decided to hav a break from runnin today. 

tak pe lah. once in a blue moon.

i had my day alrite today. alhamdulillah, thgs went on so fine. w'pun i cldnt sleep dat much last nite, thinkin of thinkin - bangun way earlier since i was tired lying there staring into the darkness.. 

ada majlis pasang bendera terpanjang (so they said), berjemur tgh panas amek gambar, smile2 a bit, kecoh2 a bit, say hi hi and bye.. tup2 my Prof Madya alrdy there for my first internship assessment. God knws how aku pucat jgk la.. wit Allah will - Pengarah, Timb Pengarah, the counsellor treated the prof so nicely dat i cld see him feel sort of at home. prof spent like 3 jam dgn aku - assessing my skills, reports etc - and he went off by 1.30pm. God knws how lega i am - even now. rasa mcm malas giler dah nak bukak buku report etc for tonite - i jst wanted to hav a minor break, and start everythg new by trow. 

and thank God - aku managed to get a good client too for today's assessment.


i wanted to write more.. but not now i think. 

i'll see u when i see u.

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