Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Alor Star.demam. et al.

dis cld be the worst trip ever, keluar dr Ipoh - for me. i was hit wit a fever a day sebelum aku travelled up here. tp dah mkn ubat etc,i think i was alrite. but then again, by the time aku check in and such - i think the fever made a come back and it is getting worst.

and semlm - was the worst. in fatc, dah dua mlm turut2 aku jst lepak bilik saja, bein bed by 7pm. sucha budak baik alrite. and smlm - lepas je Maghrib, aku dah under the duvet since sejuk giler. gigil2. dinner pun call cafe bwh to send the food up je.

kena la RM25 for a small portion of nasik grg kampung. hurm, watdya expect?

3rd day today. i think i am much better. cuma batuk je tak kurang, and selsema dah ok.

Alor Star? apa yg best? seriously aku tak tau. tak sempat nak explor pun..

fever. yes.

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