Tuesday, July 7, 2015

trust everyone? trust no one?

fcuk. i can contradict myslf if i like. the fact is dat u must be a trusting person in order to feel at ease wit urslf and ur life. but again and again - i keep tellin dis to myself - dammit there's no need to be a real jerk. 

or stupid.

everyone can be trusted to do some thgs. ur mum can be trusted to love u. ur boss can be trusted to tell u when u've fcuked up. a thief can be trusted to steal. when u come to put ur trust in someone u need to weigh up how strong ur confidence in me is, against how much it matters if they let u down. yes. easy said. 

wait till it hits rite on ur face.

trust - damn it is a personal thg. and it has a lot to do wit nuances and intuition about the person in question. trust ppl to be who they r - not who u want em to be. i learn it today - trust in some one on who they r - not wat u want em to be. 

and i learn it in a hard way. 

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