Tuesday, July 7, 2015


when ur young - ur told all sorts of thgs - i want doesnt get, the best thgs in life r free, familiarity breeds contempt, patience is a virtue. and others personal to ur own family or teachers. some of em r drilled into u, some of em u jst pick up along the way. as u get older, u pick up even more sayings, principles and beliefs, many of which u jst assume to be true and never think a question. and so by the time u arrive into adulthood, ur living by a mixed bag so-called "rules", whether u knw it or not. 

u mght only knw it when u suddenly find urself spouting one of em to a strugglin fren or a youngster (or perhaps ur own kids) and then think "where on earth did dat come from?"

trouble is - these principles, given as a "re-cycled advice" from well-meaning ppl, often arent true. and many of em r right some of the time, but whoever told em to u failed to explain dat  there will be times u shld disregard em, or even take the opposite approach.

the point is, u hav to learn to ask question. to think for urself. to not to follow mindlessly the rules set down for u by other ppl. otherwise u'll be making urself miserable for no reason. learn to trust urself and ur own judgment. 

i knw. the rules r set to follow. the rules r good dat dat'll make u a human. different from the beast. u knw wat i am sayin. the ability to question. to ask y. and not to follow bluntly. basically we were raised dat way. u'll get 'hush' by ur parents if u ask too many questions. or even if ur interrupting em in a conversation.

there'll be no explaination after dat. and u grew up to be a person wit less questions. and jst do wat u've told to do. 

i am not sayin everythg ur taught is wrong. whether it's a popular homily or a value impressed on u by ur own fmly. i entirely agree - for example, dat it's always a good idea to look around before u leap. but darn i agree wit it after havin tot it thru. i disagree attack is the best form of defense, although once in a while - it may be the only way dat works. and certainly money is not the root of all evil. u cant definitely pass the blame on to those poor, inanimate notes and coins.

and again - dis is nthg to do wit ur religion. i never, ever askin to ask ur believe in the existent of God and such. never. ever.

jst dat i've discovered dat ppl love rules. and i gez dat's the part of the problem. many of us love rules up to the point dat they jst dun think to question em. malas nak fikir. ikut je lah.. kinda thg. 

one word - think. dat's the thg. dat's wat i am tryin to say. question everythg u've seen, taught, and dun live by some other ppl's rules (yes, not even mine.. u go get ur own shyte, pls!) until u considered whether ur agree wit em. whether ur 18 or 80 years old - examine the childhood strictures u were told to follow  blindly - and decide whether they r right. jst regularly catch urslf and as, 'y do i believe dat?', or 'is it helpful?'. 

darn  i am not givin u a permission to ignore any rules and values u dun happen to like (i wldnt do dat - darn u dun need any of my permission). dats not the way to success or happiness. jst be honest wit urself, and s'times u'll find urself reluctantly agreeing wit principles u wish u din. jst dun get tied down unthinkingly to other ppl's values. 

trust me - when u become an adult, ur allowed to develop ur own set of principles.


damn i feel old now.

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