Thursday, July 9, 2015

21 Ramadhan.

wit the stdnts - CI Fatimah and Mr V. at the back tu ex-stdnt aku 
time dia buat basic med - Zurizat. 
and i am teaching him back again now.

Azhan - the Chief. in red baju Melayu.


darn aku nampak sgt puteh.
even better dr Mr V.

me and the witty Razak, the only 
male RN in the group.

had a berbuka puasa wit my PostBasis Psyc. Nursing 1/2015 at The Ritz Hotel. it was kinda nice to gather up urself wit such hu-ha group of stndts - i was being able to vent out a lil bit. the food was good. the company was excellent. we eat. we chat. and we eat again. we bahan one another. talk about like most of the thgs under the sun. no more 'aku lecturer, and ko stndt' kinda thang. i feel comfortable. and feel good.

but to hav dat to the end - aku started to feel bad. balik rumah. mandi. Isya'. and off crashing. woke up at 3am, did my terawih et al, iron baju, sahur, Subuh and off tot the office. the fact is - aku cant really sleep smlm. nak kata panas, tak jugak. nak kata i think too much - i am not sure about dat. apparently i had closed to nthg in mind pun. and seriously speaking, aku a bit worry dat aku nyer cycle of tak bley tdo mlm a.k.a insomnia is making a come back. sigh.

dah masukk dua hari kelas aku 8 - 5. selalunya mmg mcm tu jgk la every beginning of the sem. since aku cover Sistem Saraf - Psych. (Perubatan), so mmg kena cover semua. otherwise they cldnt move up to the other phase. mmg seronok berkelas. setakat ni aku tgk respon bdk2 pun ok - yg tdo 2 3 ketul tu biasa lah.. ko berdiri tepi and jerit a'ala Mariah Carey, bangun la dorang. tp to hav dat continuously for the whole day, 2 day in a row - mmg penat. bulan puasa plak. i mean - bukan nak jd kan alasan, i mean - u knw wat i mean.


i feel  like nak timbang tgk berat bdn aku dah berapa skang. ramai ckp aku nampak mengecut sket. and ofkoz ada jgk yg ckp aku makin bulat. tp kalo timbang ko tgk berat bdn ko tak turun2, while semua org ckp ko dah kecut - sah2 ko akan rasa annoying nak campak the penimbang keluar tingkap.


i am not sure wat's in store for me, after dis. i am tired, penat. aku tau aku ada choices to choose - i mght stand up and put a stop to everythg, and dats it. or perhaps - aku jst ikut je lah. like - apa2 je lah. but then again - dats wat i've been doin. apa2 je lah. hoping things will change. but apparently - nthg change. and u started to burn up. but i started to feel i shld be havin somethg more better than jst dat.

to get urslf to swim in the same pool of shyte, to run in the same circle - darn dat wldnt be good. 


ok. nak Zohor. kelas at 2.30pm.. pakat dgn stdnt start 30min lewat. aku penat.

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