Friday, June 26, 2015


and here how it goes.

ko bgun tdo, pening2 lalat, so blardy hot out there. u picked the towel, walked to the bilik air - nampak mesin potong rambut, u decided to trim ur janggut misai a bit - tho u knw the risk. by the time the blade reached ur skin - only then u knew ko dah pi tarah all, rite to the skin. 

and u go like.. alarrrr.. but it's too late.

then u spent the whole 15 mins under the cold shower swearing to urself.

dammit. now aku looked like a weirdo.



Pasar Ramadhan Bercham Raya.

tot of goin. but i din. malas. panas. i might be ended up ngesot balik rumah. dgn crowd yg mcm 5 thn tak jumpak mknan, asap.. blergkh. tp tetap - deep in me aku teringin nak pi. bukan jauh pun. dpn rumah je kot. 5 to 7 mins on ur feet. 

kalo jmpak lopez mesti best. air tebu. soya. or perhap popia basah. argkh. org posa.

the fact is - thn lps, aku tak jejak langsung dis particular param Bercham Raya neh. aku rather pi baram yg kechik2 je. around Taman Indah or Bandar Baru Putra. they r like ko jalan 100m dah abes. tawaf 4 5 kali, tak jumpak apa ko nak. bukan sebab apa - sebab tak ramai org niaga. so ko decided kensel je apa ko nak. after all - nafsu je tu.


haih. mls nak taip. energy consuming. dah tahap bahaya neh. nanti tulis lain.

abg, tapau abg satu.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


on dis day, u read s'thg dat moved u and made u realize there were no more fears to fear. no tears to cry. ur heart turns into steel hard. no head to hang in shame. dat every time u tot u'd offended s'one, it was all jst in ur head and really - they love u wit all their heart and nthg will ever change dat. u believe in dat. or perhaps - u wanna believe in dat. but now ur not sure of it. doubts. and such. and dat everyone and everythg lives on inside u. dat dat doesnt make any of it any less real.

dat soft touches will change u and stay wit u longer than hard ones.

dat bein alone means ur free. dat ald lovers miss u and new lovers want u and the one ur wit is the one ur meant to be wit. u believe in dat. or perhaps - u wanna believe in it. dat the tingles runnin down ur spine is some kinda sign dat've made u change, and the whisper in ur ear - constantly. if u choose to hear em. dat everythg u want to happen, will happen. if u decide u want it bad enuff. dat every time u think a sad tot; u can think a happy one instead.

dat u control dat completely. utterly.

dat the ppl who make u laugh r more the beautiful than beautiful ppl. more beautiful than the ppl dat've put shyte on u. dat made u laugh more than u cry. dat cryin s'how is good for u. dat the ppl u hate, wish u wld stop and u hell do too.

dat ur frens r reflections of the best parts of u. dat frens come and go. dat good frens dun shyte at ur back and when they do - it cuts u deep and no Band Aid can heal the the wound. dat ur more than the sum total of the thgs u knw and how u react to em. dat how u react to em shows how good and better person ur. dat dancing is s'times more important than listening to the music.

dat the most embarrassing, awkward moments of ur life r more remembered by u and no one else. dat no one judges u when u walk into a room and all they really wanna knw is - if ur judging em. dat ppl treat u like shyte yet ur keeping ur head held high. dat perhaps, ur treating others dat way, too. dat wat u make and wat u do wit ur own time is more important than u'll ever comprehend and shld be treated as such. dat the difference between a job and art - is passion. dat neither defines who the hell u r. dat talkin to strangers is how u make frens. and dat how u mama told u when ur small - boy, u dun talk to a stranger!

dat bad days and but a smile can go around the world. dat life contradicts itself - hell, constatntly. dat dat's y it is so worth living. at least.

dat the difference between pain and love - is time. dat love.. love is only as real as u want it to be. dat if u feel good, u'll look good but it doesnt always work the other way around. and yes - dat how matter smart ur, thousands of certs ur having - dat wldnt make u a smart, 'brainy' person as yet.

dat the sun will rise each day and it is up to u each day is u match it. dat birds will still chirping out ur window pane. dat nthg matters up until dis point. dat wat u decide now, in dis moment - will change the future. forever. dat if u ever make a mistake, admit it and say sorry. dat it is worth bringing dat stupidity into ur grave.

dat rain is beautiful. dat u - ur beautiful


selamat berbuka puasa.

so wat is it?


..but love is none of those u might think. or any of these thgs. it wont suddenly make every thg, every day ok. it wont change who u r. it wont make ur car go any faster. it wont make ur smile even wider. it certainly doesnt even wash ur dishes.


all love is, is love. and dats all it needs to be. really..

nice to me. to u.

u'll be glad to knw dat all the ppl who r the best at wat they do r also the ppl who r the best at being nice to the ppl around em.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


and suddenly aku nyer WhatsApp overloaded dgn msg2 stdnts asking for their results. yes - result kuar lambat sket kali ni, and budak2 neh dah balik kg. literally dorang dah tau saper yg kantoi saper yg lulus, cuma pointer and such je blum. as SUP - aku dah get ready dgn slip etc - tp biasa lah.. dorang neh eager nak mamp.

tak tolong kesian. and they'll keep bugging me. tolong kalo.. jd mcm ni lah, dah jd kaunter info bergerak kot aku neh..


Saturday, June 6, 2015


u buy thgs and u keep em clean. u take care of em. u keep em in a special place. special pocket. away from keys and coins and shytes. away from other thgs dat shld be kept clean and taken care of as well. they they get scratched. and scratched again. and again. and again. soon - u dun care about em, any more. u dun giv a flyin shyte about em any longer. u dun keep em in a special place, no more. no more special pocket. u throw em in the bag wit everythg else. they've surpassed their form and become nothg but function.

ppl r like dat. u meet em and keep em clean. in a special place. special pocket. and then u start to scratch em. not on purpose. sometimes u jst drop em by accident or forget which pocket they r in. or  u even forget they exist. but after the first scratch, it's all downhill from there.  

u see past their form. they become function. they r a purpose. 

only the essence remains.



u define ur own beautiful thg in ur own way.  u had urs.  and i had mine.  and do u knw wats the most beautiful thg,  for me? here it is -  the most beautiful thg in the world. at least for me.

they sit in their bedrooms, not knwing they r writing the most beautiful song u will ever hear. they go to their jobs - hiding great novels somewhere in the depths of their computer. they paint, not knwing how important their pic will be.

they do all dis wit no promise of any reward or any recognition. they dun crave for any attention. and so there r truly great, secret thgs - everywhere. waiting to explode.

and i think - dat is the most beautiful thg, in the world.