Monday, May 4, 2015

the lost.

done wit the lawyer thang, langsir et al, aku decided to singgah sekejap Hosp KB - melawat pakcik Wan Abd. Rahman - ayah kpd Wan Amirudin, stdnt K36 aku yg xcdnt last Thurs, di Smpg Pulai.

he lost his dearly mother and his small brother. the father allegedly suffers a deep laceration cut on his (R) knee.

i spent abt an hr, talkin and listenin to him. Amir was not arnd - so its only me and the father.

we talked abt a lot of thgs. how thgs went well otw to Ipoh, how happy the wife was - eager to see the son. how the car swayed to the right and hit by the lorry. how he picked the small Autistic son out of the car, and how the wife was stuck in the car - fighting for her life. how the small boy went breathless and he din knw wat to do.

Amir must be a very strong young man. if i were him - i jst dun knw wat to do. dealing wit the lost. enduring the pain.

i left the father wit kinda numb in me. he hugged me, and kissed me on the check - like a father always do. and i knw he was crying. he kept thanking me to drop by, and he praised to Allah to bless me and the fmly. he told me to look after the son well - for Amir was so closed to the mother and love his small brother so much.

i drove bck wit my mind racing up the road. i've lost quite a number of ppl dat i knew well, lately. and consoling the rest dat left behind, wasnt an easy thg to do. u cant keep telling them to 'be strong' for u'll never knw how hard it is for em. u cant keep telling em to 'sabarlah..' for u r not in their shoes and u knw nthg.

so wat wld u do?


and today, in 2012 - it was the day we brought abh to Columbia Hosp for his first MRI. abh was alrdy cnfused by then.

nearly 3 yrs gone. and abh alrdy left us for good - yet i'm still struggling.

how cld u tell s'one sthg u never knew?


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