Saturday, May 16, 2015


kelas mlm - kaunseling kelompok. Dr Nasir take charge - we had a simulation on how to run a session, using REBT. and again - i was selected to be one of the client. i was ok - until Dr Nasir open the session by givin us the topic - and made us list down the most influential ppl in life.

and he got me went on, first.

and for the first time in life - i finally vent out my everythg in me - regarding me and abah - verbally. shared wit the whole group of ppl. aku sebak - but aku managed to control myself.

and it turned out few of the gals in the group crying shyte out.

Dr Nasir dispute my believe system. he got me really do the thinking. and aku btol2 tersentak. even now - like 2 hrs post-session - aku still think the relevancy on discussion we had. all dis while i've been stuck in deep shyte. 

i wish i cld continue wit the session. i need to get rid of dis burden i've been carrying around all dis while. i need to stay clear and left all the bygone be bygone behind. i knw abah loves me and he will always do. and me - i love him for wat he is, who he is and there's no question about dat.

i feel relief. never felt like dis before. and deep in me - i miss him even more.

al fatihah.

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