Tuesday, May 26, 2015


cant sleep. been tossing up and down, in and out of the bed for hours when finally i decided to stay put in here - kat bilik study. i did some reading. and i've been staring at the laptop for hours now, try to figure out how am i goin to finish up dis one last assignment of mine. it is sickening knwg dat u do hav some idea and such - but the words din come out rite. thus - i am not starting out right, as yet - literally,

mengantok, but i cant sleep. esok keje. bz day as usual.

perhaps i shld switch off semuanya and off back head the sack. see how it works. dah dekat pkul 5am dah pun.. 



i wanna get rid of dis seriously. i hate livin the live up to others' expectation. sigh.

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