Wednesday, April 22, 2015

sleep tite.

mid sem papers r gone,and everybdy was bz wit so many thgs - and with in coupla weeks to come - final sem will come around. and being me - i am alrdy in deep shyte. started to skip my run, i need to stay back to finish up so many thgs and deadlines r killing me. so many thgs to do, yet so lil time.

had a lay-back week end i must say. classes as usual, but it was nice. no pressure for sure. 


done wit few thgs. emailed em off as i needed to. dah berat kepala. its time for crashing. back in the circle. same ol' shyte. jst wait for trow.or coupla days to come - thgs will get better,as if theres no shyte, at all. i am tired, dammit.


everyone edits emselves here,andit makes me wonder whether ur ever actually connected to real ppl - or jst the ppl they all wish they were?


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