Wednesday, April 8, 2015

love. feelings.

like everythg else in life - ur feelings can be either positive or negative; u hav good feelings or bad feelings. ppl say all the good feelings come from love - and all the negative ones come from a lack of love. i dun knw. and i am not sure if ur agree to dis. but then again - its up to u on wat ur believe in.

the better u feel, like when u feel joyful - the more love u giv out. and the more love u give - the more u'll receive.

the worse u feel, like when u feel despair - the more negativity u giv out. and the more negativity u giv, the more negativity u receive back in life. the reason u feel so bad wit negativity feelings is b'coz love is the positive force of life, and negative feelings dun hav much love in em. at least dats wat they say.

and the better u feel, the better life gets.

the worse u feel, the worse life gets. until u change how u feel.


u hav a good one, ppl. giv out love as much as u can. and i am sure u'll get back more than u ever think. gdluck.

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