Wednesday, April 22, 2015


early to at the ofc today. i got loads to do. meeting at 9am. and another one at 2.30pm. trow - mesyuarat kelayakan sumatif - and i need to be prepare for dat. and dealing wit all dis pengajars - is a real pain in the arse. yg ok - ok. yg tersedia masalah - bley sakit jiwa. deadline submit marks and kelayakan pelatih awal2 dah bg.. tp tetap kena kejar etc. my output is depend on their output. and i hate it God sake.

slept at 2am. and woke up by 5am. iron baju isya' all the solat sunat etc. went down for a small, lite breakfast and off aku to work. skangdah lapar balik. mesyuarat pg ni sah2 will be soooo long. blergkh.

and there r few thgs too buggin my mind. as usual. 

same shyte. same ol' fuckin shyte. 


hav a good day ahead, ppl.

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