Saturday, April 4, 2015

day goes by.

another week goes by. but alhamdulillah - dis week is much better than the past - since thgs went smooth and way proper. PPS still on goin - and Fitri finally dah di lantik jadi assistant aku as Setiausaha Peperiksaan II. he works well. and Mr Hari told me to really polish him - so dat one day he cld stand alone - when i am no more around.

its Saturday - classes as usual. more new thgs learnt. aku cant help to feel better and excited wit all dis new info. i love wat i am learnin now. w'pun aku felt a bit hectic and penat - physical and mental - tp aku really enjoying it. perhaps - it is half of me. perhaps i am doin wat i like. and having all dis Docs and Profs around u - its amazing.

finally Tuan Hj Moideen - our Pengarah, left. pencen at 58htn. i had mixed feeling on it. i knew him way back then sejak 2004. before he left for Pengarah in Hosp Kota Belud, Putrajaya and such. i adore him for his traits. and now he left - most of us left in wonder wat to come for the future.

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