Friday, April 24, 2015


still infront of the laptop at dis time - making me feel kinda down even more. i cant help feeling lonely. i feel like givin up. i feel like i need to do somethg way better than jst dis - and i need somekinda new view. new environment. new ppl and new air to breath.the work loads never end. and all dis papers, assignments - i hav 2 due before 10am trow morn and i am havin a severe thought block God sake.

tot of not goin to the ofc tomorrow morn., i received a text from the boss to be there early in the morn since there'll be another meeting to attend. 

i hate myself in dis kinda situation rite now. i used to feel alive wit all dis thgs - busy-ness - the more works to do, the better for me. but now, its not helping at all. and all dis bulshyte around me - i feel like runnin and hide - away from everythg so i'd be better left alone for a while and deal wit thgs better. 

there r so many thgs to take care of, and i am tired of it. i jst need to take care of myself - for a while. maybe when thgs r better, i need to get off for a lil while. away from all dis.

my right sole hurt like shyte. i can barely walk pun. let alone to run. literally aku limped like OKU. and theres Bidor Half Marathon dis coming Sunday. sigh.

i think i shld be off sleeping. lantak la.


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