Wednesday, March 11, 2015


clearly i am stressed-up. too many thgs in mind, too many thgs to do, and less time. works. study. life. i was hoping for s'thg to materialized yesterday, i was expecting thgs to happen - and it din come up rite. i was sad. i was down. i was struggling to sleep last nite. and seriously i am so sleepy rite now.

assignments yet to do. and dis module building - basically dah dragged for about 2 yrs now, and they r goin to launch it in dis coming Sept. too many thgs to be done. shldve done it back at home, yet i din. and now.. is the presenting time. shyte big time.

i wish i cld hav s'one i cld ventilate thgs out. doin nthg - but jst listen. i dun need anyone to judge me, to advice me. and to evaluate my shyte et al. jst listen. tu je.

good listener - is sthg hard to find nowadays.

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