Friday, March 27, 2015


been a hectic week. been in and out of the ofc., and i've been involved wit loads of workshops, module developments, meetings et al. and it is goin to be a disastrous weeks to come as well, since mid semester nye exam will be starting on coming 30th March rite until 29th Apr. since aku SUP - u knw how it is. but then again - aku thanked God since Fitri; being my SUP (2) aka my org kanan - aku cld go around and leave the work back in the ofc., and all i hav to do is supervising him and see hows the progress goes.

and yes, Fitri been doin a very good job. 

so today - aku masuk ofc. half day. bila went thru my schedule - abru aku perasan ada kelas wit Psot Basic at 10am. argkh. half day. wit so many thgs to do. and kelas 2jam. so aku Jumaat kat Tambun, and by 2pm baru aku bertolak ke UPSI. and kelas at 3pm. 

so aku masuk kelas lambat. for the first time. and kena perli2 wit the lecturer. darn i wished she knew wtf i am goin thru.

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