Sunday, March 1, 2015

do not seek praise, seek criticism.

u'd agree wit me at the end of dis.

it is quite easy to get approval if we ask enuff ppl, or if we ask those who r likely to tell us wat we wanna hear. dis - happens all the time.

the likelihood is dat they will say nice thgs rather then be too critical. also, we tend to edit out the bad thgs so dat we hear only wat we wanna hear. u did dat too, i am sure. 

and so do i.

so if u hav produced a pleasantly acceptable piece of work, u will hav proved to urself dat its good simple becoz others said so.

its probably ok. but then it's probably not great either, if - instead of seeking approval u ask "wat wrong wit it? how can i make it better?", u r more like to get a truthful critical answer. u may too, even get an improvement on ur idea.

and u r still in the position to reject the criticism if u think it is wrong.


u knw wat? forget it. hahahaha

i am crashing. goodnyte peeps!

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