Saturday, March 7, 2015

blame who?

if u involved in somethg dat goes wrong - never blame others. blame no one but urself. dats wat Humanistic believes. and i do, as well. u hav to be responsible for ur own choices. responsible for ur own self.

if u hav touched somethg, accept total responsibility for ur piece of work. if u accept responsibility, ur in the position to do somethg about it.

let me share u some of our common excuses for failures;

  1. it was a terrible brief
  2. i need a better someone/partner
  3. there wasnt enuff money tto do it properly
  4. the boss din listen to me
  5. i was too busy wit somethg else
  6. someone else took out my best ideas

most of these grievances r every day on every job. and dat wont change.

the point is dat - watever other ppl's failings might be ur the one to shoulder the responsibility.

darn there r no excuses.

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